OZPro - Aqueous Ozone Laundry and Cleaning system

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Product Description

OZPro is the all-in-one laundry detergent, softener, sanitizer, bleach and washing machine cleaner replacement.

It generates Aqueous Ozone, using air and electricity, to clean and disinfect your clothes.

OZPro does NOT come with Silver Ion Antimicrobial technology.

• Hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin
• Non-toxic and no nasties
• No scents or fragrances
• Removes all rinse residue
• Kills microbes 3200 times faster
• Suitable for all machine wash fabrics
• Reduce microfiber shedding for longer lasting clothes
• Cut water and electricity usage
• Cut chemical and plastic pollution
• Cold wash only for best results


Model: OZPro