Ozono OZAg+ Aqueous Ozone Laundry System connected to a washing machine

Banish laundry chemicals for good

OZONO OZAg+ device replaces all your laundry chemicals by generating Aqueous Ozone to clean, while Silver Ions protect your laundry with an antimicrobial barrier that lasts up to 30 days.

With no need for hot water, no detergent, no softener, no bleach and no residue, your clothes are restored good as new!

Ozone is a natural solution for a powerful clean that kills 99.9% of microbes (including Covid-19 & MERS) 3200 times faster than common disinfectants.


✔ Save water & power

Ozone is not only faster, it works best in cold water! Cut your water and energy footprint by up to 80%.

✔ Save your clothes

A cold-water Ozone wash is quicker & more effective, yet reduces shedding of microfibers and restores your fabrics so you can keep loving them for longer.

✔ Save your health

Ozone is natural, hypoallergenic and disappears back into oxygen once the wash is over, leaving no nasty chemicals on your clothes.

✔ Save the planet

Never need to buy detergents, fabric softeners or washing machine cleaners again! Reduce water polluting chemicals, use of plastic bottles, packaging and carbon footprint all at once.

On average, 80-85% of total energy used in one wash cycle goes to heating water!

No Residue

Unlike laundry chemicals, Aqueous Ozone does not release VOCs or other harmful substances, does not foam, and leaves no residue.

30-day Antimicrobial

Silver Ion technology will disinfect and coat your laundry surface with a protection that kills all microbes for up to 30 days.

Professional Clean

OZONO is backed by industry professionals such as The Laundry Club. Professionals have favoured ozone for decades to degrease, deoderize and disinfect surfaces.

Studies prove that even in tiny amounts, laundry detergents and rinse residue are toxic, directly disruptive to human bronchial epithelial cells, and may cause chronic health issues such as asthma and allergies.

Fits any washing machine

Just connect the device to the water inlet of the washing machine and plug in the power and choose high/low Ozone to start!*

Fuss-free automatic system

Ozone is generated from oxygen in the air, so you never have to refill or replace it! Just load your laundry and start the cycle.

Antimicrobial for 730 loads

Replaceable Silver Ion cartridges can last for at least 730 washes. That's 2 years worth of laundry if you run your washer every single day!

*for cabinet/built-in and outdoor washing machines, please check installation viability before purchase. More in FAQs.

How much OZONO saves?

*estimated based on average household size of 3.3, with 5 normal loads of laundry per household per week, using a common brand of front load washing machine (9kg).

Detergent vs Ozone

Detergent Ozone
Not derived from petrochemicals or oleo-chemicals
No added foaming agents
Does not require hot water
Shorter wash cycle (Wash—Rinse—Spin)
No detergent/softener/chemical residue
Quicker drying time
Destroys 99.9% of viruses in under 2mins
Cleans and disinfects the washer
Hypoallergenic/for sensitive skin ✕/?
No added fragrance, natural deoderizer only
Does not cause environmental harm